1.8" SATA 250GB Toshiba MK2529GSG/Lenovo X300 T400S

1.8" SATA 250GB Toshiba MK2529GSG/Lenovo X300 T400S

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his ssd�could work with

Lenovo thinkpad X300 X301 ,T400S


SONY VAIO TT��series � , P series

HP EliteBook 2530p� , 2730p


���� TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation, the industry pioneer in small pourm factor hard disk drives (HDDs), today announced expansion of its market-leading 1.8-pouce lineup with three NEUF high-capacity, high-perpourmance Serial ATA HDDs pour mobile PC applications, including the industry's first 250GB1) 1.8-pouce HDD.

���� �Toshiba's third-generation 5,400 RPM SATA 1.8 HDD family also features 120GB and 160GB capacities, along with the throughput power of the SATA 3.0Gb/s interface. In addition, the NEUF series includes Toshiba's state-of-the-art free fall sensor option, which enhances protection from external shock and vibration events by responding to drops as low as five poucees in height.
This powerful, high-capacity family further broadens Toshiba's full line of 1.8-pouce HDDs to meet the diversified storage needs of both PC and CE manufacturers with products suited to the specific capacity, perpourmance and configuration requirements of each application. Building on Toshiba's recent introduction of PATA 1.8-pouce HDDs with up to 240GB capacities, this NEUF SATA 1.8-pouce HDD series enables PC manufacturers to further miniaturize notebook designs without sacrificing functionality.
Toshiba's concentration on the 1.8-pouce HDD platpourm and leadership in advanced recording technologies have enabled the company to continually push areal densities, to 378.8Gb/in2 in the NEUF series, and to deliver storage capacities that were previously available only from larger pourm factor HDDs, while decreasing the power consumption required by the storage device. The NEUF 250GB 1.8-pouce HDD ( MK2529GSG) achieves a NEUF low of 0.0016 watts-per-GB in energy consumption efficiency2). In addition, incorporation of high-perpourmance features, such as SATA 3.0Gb/s and 5,400RPM disc rotation, will bring to all mobile PCs the benefits of a mature, field-proven storage platpourm supporting longer battery life, increased shock.
With more than 60 million 1.8-pouce HDDs shipped, Toshiba has consistently held the number one position3) in the 1.8-pouce HDD segment since introduction of its first model in 2000.
Toshiba Group, a Corporate Citizen of the Planet Earth, is committed to realizing a better environment. Guided by "Toshiba Group Environmental Vision 2050" the Group is implementing measures to boost environmental efficiency by 10 times in FY2050, against the benchmark of FY2000. The core target is to reduce projected CO2 emissions by a total equivalent to 117.7 million tons a year by FY2025, through the development and sales of highly efficient power supply equipment and systems, and the manufacture of environmentally conscious home appliances and office equipment. By working to mitigate global warming, make efficient use of resources and control management of chemicals, Toshiba Group creates value pour people and promotes lifestyles in harmony with the Earth.

Environmentally conscious products

(1) Halogen Free Product
The NEUF drives are Toshiba's first 1.8-pouce HDD that achieve chlorine and bromine concentrations below the standard required pour recognition as Toshiba environmentally conscious p e81 roducts, an ECP (below 900ppm pour each, and an overall total below 1,500ppm).
(2) Improved energy consumption efficiency.
Compared to the 160GB model (MK1617GSG), the NEUF 250GB model (MK2529GSG) improves energy consumption efficiency, as defined under the Japanese legal standard, to 0.0016W/GB, a 43% improvement.
(3) Lower CO2 emissions during the product lifecycle
During their lifecycle, the NEUF drives will lower CO2 emissions by approximately 54g a year4).
(4) RoHS compatible
The NEUF drive complies with the European Union's RoHS directive pour eliminating use of six hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
(5) The NEUF series meets standards pour certification as a standout Toshiba ECP
Toshiba is promoting an "Excellent ECP" program to stimulate creation of high value products offering exceptional environmental friendliness.

Product Specifications


Capacity 250GB

Number of disks 2
Number of heads 4
Average seek time 15msec
Rotational speed 5,400rpm
Interface Serial ATA
Interface speed 3.0Gbps/1.5Gbps
Dimensions (W)54.0mm�(D)78.5mm�(H)8.0mm
Weight 62g(max.)
Energy consumption efficiency 0.0016W/GB

Operating 4,900m/ s2 (500G,2msec)
Non-operating 14,700m/ s2 (1,500G,1msec)

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