Dell 5530 WWAN Mobile Broadband HSDPA PCIe CARTE KM266

Dell 5530 WWAN Mobile Broadband HSDPA PCIe CARTE KM266

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Dell 5530 WWAN Mobile Broadband HSDPA PCIe Card KM266



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WCDMA technology pour quick and easy integration into laptops, PDA抯 and mobile
Coupled with 3G technology pour high level of mobility
Compact design pour enhanced throughput and perpourmance Stay connected while on the go with the Wireless 5530 3G/HSDPA Mobile Broadband Card. It uses WCDMA Technology that offers fast, wireless broadband speeds to help you achieve LAN-like mobility. It helps maximize your productivity while maintaining contact with clients, colleagues and family. Its high efficiency compact broadband design provides consistent throughput perpourmance. Its GPS capability allows you to retrieve location data from GPS satellites, utilize GPS navigation and location-based applications

Garantie: three mois RTB


Inspiron Mini 10 (1010)
Inspiron Mini 12 (1210)
Inspiron Mini 9 (910)
Inspiron 1520

Latitude E4200
Latitude E5400
Latitude E6400
Latitude E6400 ATG
Latitude E6500
Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M2400
Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4400
Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6400
Studio Laptop 1440
Studio Laptop 1535
Studio Laptop 1536
Studio Laptop 1537
Studio Laptop 1735
Studio XPS Laptop 1340
Studio XPS Laptop 1640
DELL D series: D420 D430 D620 D630 D820 D830
XPS series:XPS 1210 ect

Other models with full Taille mini card slot and SIM card reader

Package included:

1 x DELL KM266 3G Wireless Card

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